Set after the events of the iCarly series finale "iGoodbye", Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy, reprising her role from iCarly) arrives at a food truck in Los Angeles, and sees a girl get dumped into a garbage truck. Sam runs off to save her. Later, the girl introduces herself as Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande, reprising her role from Victorious). To thank Sam, Cat lets her reside at her grandmother Nona's apartment with her. The next day, Cat learns Sam took Nona to a retirement community called Elderly Acres. While heading out to see her, Sam and Cat run into three kids, Chloe, Max, and Darby, whom Nona was supposed to babysit. They take the kids with them to Elderly Acres, and the kids drive off on an electric wheelchair. Cat and Nona's neighbor Dice (Cameron Ocasio) helps the girls track down the three kids at Inside-Out Burger. The restaurant's manager faints after chasing around the kids on the wheelchair. The girls perform their version of CPR on him and save him. They are rewarded with free cheeseburgers for the rest of their lives. Afterward, Sam gets ready to leave, but Cat, not wanting to stay alone, asks her to stay. Sam agrees and they become roommates.

Guest stars: Griffin Kane as Max; Emily Skinner as Chloe


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