The girls babysit a pygmy goat given to them by Dice. Their landlord's son, Dilben, threatens to evict them if they do not get rid of it. Sam and Cat try to convince Dilben that they got rid of the goat, but Dilben sees it and threatens to notify his father. He also warns them that they need to live with an adult. Sam, Cat, Dice, and Dice's client Goomer hatch a scheme to convince the landlord that the two girls indeed live with an adult and do not have a goat. They ultimately find out, however, that Dilben's father is not the landlord, and that the man he has been passing off as his father is, in fact, an actor.

Guest stars: Zoran Korach as Goomer; Griffin Kane as Max; Emily Skinner as Chloe; River Alexander as Dilben


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