Amazing GlazeCarly ShayCat
Chuck ChambersCreddieFavorite tv show
Foreign Rancid ChocolateFrancine BriggsFreddie Benson
Gibby GibsonGuppyIAm Your Biggest Fan
IBeat the HeatICarlyICarly Awards
ICarly Saves TVIChristmasICook
IDate a Bad BoyIDon't Want to FightIDream of Dance
IEnrage GibbyIFenceIFight Shelby Marx
IFind Lewbert's Lost LoveIFix a Pop StarIGet Pranky
IGive Away a CarIGo NuclearIGo to Japan
IGot DetentionIGot a Hot RoomIHatch Chicks
IHate Sam's BoyfriendIHave My PrincipalsIHave a Lovesick Teacher
IHeart ArtIHurt LewbertIKiss
ILike JakeILook AlikeIMake Sam Girlier
IMeet FredIMight Switch SchoolsIMove Out
IMust Have Locker 239INevelIOwe You
IParty With VictoriousIPieIPilot
IPity The NevelIPromise Not to TellIPromote Techfoots
IPsychoIQIQuit iCarly
IReunite With MissyIRocked the VoteIRue the Day
ISaw Him FirstIScream on HalloweenISell Penny-Tees
ISpace OutISpeed DateISpy a Mean Teacher
IStage an InterventionIStakeoutIStart a Fanwar
ITake on DingoIThink They KissedITwins
IWanna Stay With SpencerIWant More ViewersIWant My Website Back
IWant a World RecordIWill Date FreddieIWin a Date
Icarly WikiIdoIhare an idid
Jerry Trainor (Spencer)Kayla LeeLewbert
Melanie PuckettMessin' with LewbertMiranda Cosgrove
Missy RobinsonMr. HowardMrs. Benson
Nevel PappermanNew goatNora Dirshlitt
Omar's PizzaSam & catSam & cat first episode
Sam PuckettSeddieSpaghetti Tacos
Spencer ShayT-BoTapenade
Ted FranklinTexting computingThe Brit brats
File:200px-IParty with Victorious release poster.jpgFile:200px-Icarlylogo.pngFile:238px-ICarly Season 4.jpg
File:Avanjogia 1241149724.jpgFile:Carly SShay.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:ICARLY GROOVY FOODIE (SWEEPSTAKES VIDEO)
File:ICarly Clip 1File:ICarly Groovy Foodie! (VG) (2012) - E3 2012 trailerFile:ICarly Groovy Foodie Clip
File:ICarly Season 1File:ICarly Season 1 2File:ICarly Season One (2008) - Home video trailer for this show
File:Image-3.jpgFile:Image.jpgFile:Miranda Cosgrove PNG.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Sam.jpgFile:Spencer-Shay.jpg

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