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Chuck Chambers

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Spencer is the older brother of Carly Shay. He's an eccentric and inspiring artist.

He likes to make sculptures and paintings.

He can be sometimes a silly and goofy person, but he still looks out for his sister, Carly and her friends.


Ms. Lauren AckermanEdit

Carly's teacher was completely dumped by her boyfriend. So Ms. Ackerman starts dating Spencer.

But Spencer notices crazy stuff about her.

Meanwhile, Carly, Sam and Freddie set Spencer and Lauren up.

On the webshow, Carly sets up a vote saying if they should date or if they should not date.

And the most viewers voted "Do not date!"

Meanwhile, after Spencer dumped Ms. Ackerman, at school, Ms. Ackerman was arrested for admitting that she illegally downloaded 500 songs on her PearPod for Spencer.

Ms. Charlotte GibsonEdit

Ms. Gibson is Gibby's mom.

Spencer becomes her boyfriend.

While Gibby sees them together in Spencer's loft.

Leaving Spencer with some crazy news, Ms. Gibson is Gibby's Mom.

Meanwhile, when Spencer and Charlotte starts making out, Spencer sees Gibby and Charlotte sees Carly.

So they decide to break up.

Family and FriendsEdit

  • Carly Shay (sister)
  • Granddad Shay (Carly and Spencer's grandfather)
  • Mom, Dad


  • Chuck Chambers
  • Stewart Stimbler

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