Exhausted by the work needed to run iCarly, the cast holds interviews for a new intern. Sam and Carly find an interviewee named Cort extremely attractive and hire him on the spot, despite the fact that he is obviously very incompetent and unintelligent. Cort immediately starts causing problems at iCarly, and Freddie insists that he should be fired. Carly and Sam refuse, so Freddie decides to hire an extremely attractive but dumb girl named Ashley as an intern. Cort and Ashley both make too much trouble with their stupidity, so Freddie offers to fire Ashley if the girls agree to fire Cort. Sam and Carly agree and both interns are fired. As she's leaving, we learn that Ashley is actually intelligent and that she was pretending to be dumb for a sociology assignment. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to sneak his Bottle Bot sculpture into an art museum to prevent his grandfather from making him go back to law school. Cort eventually comes back seeing he is in an Elevator but is still fired. Brad (a smart boy) originally went up for the Job but takes it in iOMG.

Guest stars: Daniel Booko as Cort, Teresa Castillo as Ashley, Justin Prentice as Brad, Malcolm Devine as Roy, Abby Wilde as Stacey, and Greg Mullavey as Grandad Shay

Co-stars: Rudy Martinez as Stu, Dale Waddington as Museum Curator, Lavelle Roby as Lady at the Art Museum

Note: This is the second time the same character from Zoey 101 appeared: Abby Wilde as Stacey Dillsen. At the end of the episode Freddie tells Carly and Sam that Ashley works at the Pear Store, which is a parody of the Apple Store.

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