A couple (from Wisconsin) desperately wants to get married but things take a step when the bride decides that she wants to marry Spencer instead. Carly desperately asks the groom to sing the song to try to marry the bride again, but he wets his pants and feels too embarrassed. So Carly sings the song that the groom wrote. Meanwhile, Gibby and Guppy spot a 5 dollar bill in a tree and try to get help from an elderly woman named Hazel. They then get the five dollar bill and they run away before she sees them. Guest stars: Ethan Munck as Guppy Gibson, J. D. Walsh as Gordon Birch, Rakefet Abergel as Jodi Flooger, Sherry Weston as Hazel, Joe Dietl as Jeb Birch

Notes: The song which Carly performs, "Shakespeare" is also on Miranda Cosgrove's album, Sparks Fly. Also, J. D. Walsh plays Gordon, which is also his character name for his recurring role on Two and a Half Men.

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