iCarly is a comedy webshow that is hosted by Carly, Kayla and Sam, with Freddie at camera.

Types of Media Edit


On one of the episodes, iCarly is given a chance to be on a TV show by an unsuccessful director. He gives them a band for the show to bribe them. But instead of treatingCarly, Kayla, Sam, and Freddie with respect, he changes everything-script, characters, viewer popularity (even though it wasn't on TV. Then Carly saves the day by saying the famous speech: "This isn't even iCarly!" He then sees that it's his own show and they are off the hook for TV.


As mentioned before, iCarly is a comedy webshow. Sometimes the hosts (Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie) use their fame as a way to get into things like Webicon and the International Webshow Competition.


iCarly has had many webisodes, from sitting in a chair with a duct-taped mouth to seeing Gibby brush his teeth with mustard. There are so many that this is fourth season.

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