iWanna Stay With Spencer is the fifth episode of the first season of iCarly.


Carly gets caught in a custody battle between her brother and grandfather.


  • The hammer that almost hits Carly becomes a permanent part of the studio decoration. After everything returns to normal in iChristmas, Carly happily says "Hello hammer that almost killed me!'
  • Carly's allergies or the fact that she takes vitamins every day are never mentioned again, so they apparently don't effect her life verry much
  • Grandad mentions he will be staying at the "Parker-Nichols Hotel." A reference to "Megan's"(Miranda Cosgrove) brothers Drake Parker and Josh Nichols in "Drake and Josh". In one episode, their parents were out of town and they turned the house into a hotel.
  • The broom fire scene was cut from the UK airings because it would cause a fire hazard but was kept in the title sequence. In October 2010, the scene was finally aired.
  • Also, the scene where the hammer nearly hit Carly was cut from UK airings, but has since been aired in 2010.
  • Grandad states that he drove 90 minutes to come see Carly and Spencer. to drive from Yakima to Seattle in and hour and a half, he would have to drive an average of 73 miles per hour.
  • Yakima was mentioned again in iWas a Pagent Girl, when it turns out one of the pagent contestants was from Yakima.
  • This is the first episode that the Groovy Smoothie was mentioned.
  • The Fan of Hammers reappears in iSell Penny-tees, when the iCarly gang sells it online. The spot were the that nearly killed Carly once stood is replaced by a sign for
  • This is the first episode that Grandad appeared in.
  • This is the first episode wher Mrs. Benson appeared in.

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