iReunite with Missy (previously "iHate Missy" and "iDon't Belong With Missy") is the 20th episode of the second Season of iCarly.


When Carly's long-lost best friend Missy returns to Seattle, Sam fears that Missy is trying to replace her. Meanwhile Spencer finds himself trapped in a basement.


  • Second appearence of Chuck Chambers.
  • From this episode onward, the phone that Sam stole from Missy Robinson is now her phone. (Sam and Missy have the same phone)
  • Sam states the chocolate that expired in 1992 was older than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, however, Fresh Prince first aired in 1990; she is possibly referring to its end.
  • This aired as part of Nicklelodeon's "Double Trouble Night."
  • The yellow bag Missy carries around is the bag Sam carries in iMake Sam Girlier.
  • When Chuck is playing his video game, the music is same from Pak-Rat in iStage an Intervention.
  • The sub plot is very similar to the main plot of iPsycho, when Nora trapped Carly, Sam, and Freddie for about a day.
  • In this episode, Freddie says that Sam isn't her friend, but in iMake Sam Girlier, an earlier episode, Freddie says that he and Sam are really close friends.
  • It is unknown how Spencer got out of the basement.

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