iPity The Nevel is the ninth episode of Season Four, and 79th overall.


After Nevel yells at a little girl after she made him drop his bread and butter pickles, the video goes viral and everyone hates Nevel so much. After the iCarly gang throws a Karma party Nevel shows up looking disheveled and upset. He explains he hates the way he acted and needs help. Nevel attempts to make everyone like him again by giving them free smoothies he bought himself and giving them cream corn also. Nobody believes he has really changed and the comments on the video are so negative that Carly states, "These comments really should be monitored." After a failed attempt to make everyone love him Nevel apolgizes to the little girl and everyone. Then at the end a man in a wheelchair backs into Nevel and he blows a gasket. So in the end Nevel still has anger issues and the episodes ends with Nevel saying "Oh chizz," as someone recordes him flipping out over yet another accident.

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