iHatch Chicks is the sixteenth episode of the first season of iCarly.


Carly and Sam decide to hatch baby chicks for a science project. However, the chicks all escape and get lost in the apartment. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer learn that if they don't find the chicks in time, the baby chicks will die, and must search frantically before time runs out. In the end, they find all the chicks and they survive.


  • In this episode, the iCarly webshow fluctuates choppy to smooth. When Carly and Sam are explaining the egg project, the webshow is shown to be choppy. But, when mentioning the names of the eggs, the webshow runs smoothly.
  • All the names for the baby chickens are based on cooking styles for eggs.
  • Carly and Sam caught two chickens almost the same way. Sam blew into a pipe and Carly caught one. Carly accidently dropped one and Sam caught it.
  • This episode is one of a very few to show Carly and Sam in their bathing suits. Carly is also shown to like wearing bikinis.

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