iGo to Japan cover

Carly, Sam, and Freddie receive an invitation to the iWeb awards in Japan when their webshow iCarly is nominated for the best comedy category. However, Mrs. Benson does not approve of her son Freddie going, so she and Spencer supervise the group. The nomination was to have been all-expenses paid trip; however, airplane tickets were only issued to the iCarly members. To include himself and Mrs. Benson on the trip, Spencer finds an alternative mode of transportation: a freighter aircraft driven by Freightdog and filled with opossi. As the plane is bound to land in Korea instead, the group skydives from the airplane when it flies over Tokyo. Eventually, with the guidance of an officer, they find a hotel where the iWeb Awards make their reservations. While everyone is sleeping in their room, Kyoko and Yuki, stars of a competing webshow Kyoko and Yuki, visit them. The two give Spencer and Mrs. Benson free passes to a spa to get seaweed massages, and take the iCarly members shopping.

Yuki drives for three hours and argue with Kyoko over driving directions, escalating to physical contact between the two after stopping their car. After Sam breaks them up, Kyoko and Yuki apologize the iCarly members for spoiling their welcome to Japan; however, they go back into the car and drive off, leaving the three behind. At that point, Carly intuitively figures out Kyoko and Yuki are sabotaging iCarly's chances of winning the iWeb Awards.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Mrs. Benson attend a spa, where Kyoko and Yuki's cousins trap them in large seaweed wrap, not planning to unwrap them until Kyoko and Yuki win the iWeb Awards. Shocked by the news, the two struggle to warn the children of Kyoko and Yuki's plan. They eventually manage to free themselves from the wrap. As they notify the hotel receptionist of their dilemma, Mrs. Benson suddenly recalls of a chip implanted in Freddie's head by a doctor. She uses a GPS device to track down Freddie and manage to find him, along with Carly and Sam.

The entire group arrives at iWeb Awards studio but cannot get in because Carly and Sam cannot prove they are performers to the security guards, who do not speak English. Following Mrs. Benson's plan, Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer run inside as Mrs. Benson distracts the guards. Inside, the guards find the group and detain them in their office. Failing to communicate with them with words, Carly and Sam act out what happened to them throughout their trip. Freddie videotapes them and plugs his camcorder onto the front stage screen. The audience sees Carly and Sam's act, finding it to be hilarious. Although their production is not what Carly and Sam originally recorded to present at the awards, the managers declare them as the iWeb Awards winners for best comedy. Kyoko and Yuki arearrested for kidnapping, and the group returns to Seattle on a fishing boat.

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